Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Falcon's Feathers & Stanley's Christmas Adventure

Read the first chapter of your book. After you finish, type the answers to the following questions in the comment section. Then read the answers your partner wrote and comment on their thoughts.
1. What made you want to read this book?
2. What have you noticed about yourself and others as readers?
3. What do you expect will happen next?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Video Lessons

Good Morning,
       I am so excited to start a new learning routine in our classroom! We are going to watch videos, take notes, and ask questions. Let's start with something easy that we are already familiar with, writing an acrostic poem.
     Please watch the attached video. If you have any questions you can watch the video again or come ask me the questions. After you watch the video get your Writer's Notebook and a pencil. Chose a topic for your acrostic poem. You could use Thanksgiving or Christmas since those holidays are coming up. You could also chose a favorite activity or family member. Once you have your topic you can get started! Have fun, I cannot wait to hear your poem!